The flags of your fathers

So much going on this week and The Public School Graduates are unable to podcast this week. I know, THIS was the week you were planning on listening, liking and sharing. Well fear not because the “smart” one, Ben, will give you a little something something to chew on before the next show.

Who knew people cared so much about a flag?

So a brief history from somebody who spent most of his childhood vacations at civil war battle fields: About 150 years ago the United States decided to split horizontally at the middle of the country like so and fight. Why? Well, you can go to this website and see ALL of the reason why the South seceded from the North.

All caught up on your history? Good, lets talk about what happend then and whats going on now

I’m sure you read (if you bothered) that one of the biggest reasons the civil war occurred was the North’s insistence to end slavery which the South thought would cripple their economy. Southern states began to leave the Union and set up their own thing, complete with currency, bill of rights and FLAGS. Yes, new state flags because “Screw the Yankee’s”. This is where we get the “confederate flag” every downriver, white trash hillbilly likes to throw up on their pick up truck. This flag was not apart of any state, it was a battle flag used on the, wait for it… BATTLEFIELD. This was common in those days since the digital age is a few years away from being developed and Commanders needed to see where they sent their men. Fast forward five years and you get the conclusion of the South surrendering and the North putting up with them. Oops, spoiler alert southerners

So now i’m going to simplify things for everyone

  1. I’ll go ahead and state the obvious, THE SOUTH LOST. You holding onto that flag of a losing side is like being proud of being #2 and we all know what a #2 is
  2. If you’re number two, what is this pride you speak of? Were you proud of the ongoing segregation into the 1960’s? The rise of the KKK? Speaking of the KKK, WHAT IS THEIR SYMBOL?
  3. trea·son
    the crime of betraying one’s country, especially by attempting to kill the sovereign or overthrow the government. -Are you with US(A) or against US(A)

For the other side

  1. Better late than never to want to pull a flag down thats been flying for 150 years, right? As far as I can tell the flag brought up some strong emotions before a shooting right?
  2. To the “heroes” out there…WHERE WERE YOU A MONTH AGO? You couldn’t climb a flag pole and cut the flag down in May? Hey Apple, if a civil war game has an American flag icon for the Union and a confederate flag for the confederacy, THAT IS OK. That is history, what are you going to change the icon to a KKK emoji?

With all that being said, taking the flag down should have been done years ago, like when Sherman marched his troops through the south and burned everything in his path. The south has been getting away with flying the flag for way to long and they’ve become accustomed to their stupidity but that doesn’t make it ok. Don’t see too many nazi flags flying in Germany do ya because, you know, German pride? Germans fly the German flag, like how AMERICANS fly the AMERICAN flag. Southerners, you’ve had your fun and now its time to show your fellow Americans some respect for once and join the rest of us in the 21st century



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