Episode 49

Welcome to the post-valentines day episode of the Public School Graduates podcast. Just the two guys guys tonight as we take on these subjects:

– Top 5 SNL characters
– White people suck
– Ways to stay happy (that go in one ear and out the other)

You know the drill, there is plenty more to hear and laugh at so check us out and show us some love!



Episode 48

Time to get sexy with the “Valentines Day” edition of the PSG podcast. We bring in a special guest to help us find what pick up lines work the best along with:

– Men who turn into women drivers, literally
– Men who lie
– Exclusive in-dept look at Karate Kid 3

Of course there is more, but you’ll just have to listen to find out our dirty little secrets. Enough of the creepiness, check it out!


Sportscast Ep. 4

In honor of the superbowl which is being played later today, we are here to bring you another edition of the public school graduates sportscast. Superbowl picks, Detroit sports talk and these gems;

– Larry murders the show with drops
– Timmy needs permission to talk
– Ben needs to learn how to be a “man”

Great stuff with a new addition to the crew on this weeks Sportscast