At what cost

I just spent the last three hours reading over the Senate CIA Torture Report. It was disgusting, offensive and disheartening to say the least. I remember after the September 11 attacks how scared everyone was. We were frightened of the unknown, the fear of another attack and so much more. I then remember the resolve of the American people! We got back to the grind, chanted USA and vowed that the terrorists wouldn’t  win! We would not change our way of life. We would continue to be the greatest country in the world.

After reading this report I have to wonder did the terrorists win? The United States tortured people for information. It was easy for us as citizens to look the other way and defect the fact that the country we love was now acting as terrorists, after all the people being tortured weren’t human they were animal terrorists who hated us. As I read the report of waterboarding, rectal feeding, days and sometimes weeks of sleep deprivation, lies to the american press, public and even President. I wonder even if it would have worked (and by all accounts it didn’t) would it have been worth it? Is saving American lives worth giving up what makes us Americans? Is our government turning into what we are fighting worth the fake sense of security it provided?

I’m of course proud to be an American (as I type that I cant help but sing the Lee Greenwood song in my head), but I am not proud of how we responded. I am ashamed that a country that has sent thousands of soldiers to fight and die in wars to help give people freedom would do all of the disgusting things I read in the report.


– A Concerned Citizen


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