Episode 34

BIG show coming to you this week. We’ve got the man with 2 first names to introduce his top 5 subject, top 5 Hip-Hop tracks. Great lists with lots of banter and reminiscing about why these songs make our lists.

The second half of the show is more of what you love with a little help from our friend. Great show this week which ran longer than usual because…its that freaking good





Episode 33

This is the episode that you’ve been missing! The anger has fled and we are in rare form in this weeks episode.

– Top 5
– Divorce and how to stay away
– What do your eggs say about you
– Epic speed round

Do not miss this episode!



Episode 32

There are times when the grads get together and make podcast magic. Well that was last week. This weeks episode, I’ll let you be the judge.

Sneak peek of next weeks top 5, top 5 awkward moments from this show.

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Episode 31

I was going to wait until tomorrow for this episode but it would be a crime to not have this up as soon as possible. The show is packed tight with the goods like

– Top 5 Movies you have to watch
– Interesting religious debate thanks to Batman and Bill Maher
– Go speed round GO!

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