Episode 18

Hello again everyone. Clear your schedules because you’re in for a treat in this weeks episode of the PSG Podcast. Ben has a story that brings Larry to tears at the top and we go up from there with these topics:

-S*#%ty sports
-S*#%ty politics
-S*#%ty parents
-S*#%ty finances

Thanks in advance for your spreading of the word of this episode and enjoy!


Episode 17

Hello again everybody. I hope you got your rest because we crammed two weeks worth of goodies into a hilarious episode. We hit on some great topics while keeping it at a reasonable time. Some of this weeks subjects are:

– Mega recap
– Mega dog poop
– Mega hottie convict
– Mega retractions
– Mega farts

Only the classiest topics for everyone to enjoy on this weeks Public School Graduates

Episode 16

We are in the dogs days of summer ladies and gentlemen and the Public School Graduates have your cure for the heat. Actually, we don’t because this next episode is HOT! Here are your topics for this episode

– $20k for a glorious death?
– sounds gay to me
– unless you drive my corpse across country
– and have Casey Ryback read my eulogy

See what I did there? If you’re confused, check out the episode and get all of the answers you need

Episode 15

We don’t need holidays to podcast so here is the newest episode to drown out the monotony of the daily grind. We “start” the show late and fight through hangovers and exhaustion to bring these gems:

– Ben explains a Skrillex
– Larry explains his colorful wardrobe
– Gwyneth Paltrow sucks
– Steven A Smith sucks less

Check us out and share the podcast with those you love…or hate