Episode 14

Happy Memorial Day everybody!

The ‘grads’ do what they do best and spend their holiday podcasting about these subjects:

– Dogs and Tigers and barf, oh my
– Gossip time with Larry and Ben
– Shelf life of jeans
– Gun control, white people control and whispers

Thanks veterans, without you the commie’s would’ve shut something like podcasting down a long time ago

Episode 14.mp3


Episode 13

Here it is, lucky number 13. Luckily for you Larry and I go to the Motor City Comic Con and have quite an adventure. Larry brought his boy not only to ‘the con’ but also on the podcast so we discuss all things…..”KAAAAAAAAAHN”

– Ben finds his childhood in a pencil sketch
– Larry finds so much but spends so little
– Garrison finds the exit 15 minutes after we start to walk around

So check out this semi-clean cast with special guest Garrison and revel in the nerdery which is comic con

Episode 13.mp3

Episode 12

Don’t worry ladies and gentleman, Mothers Day won’t keep the public school graduates away from their weekly offering to the podcast gods. There was a lot to discuss and things got heated and blistered…here are the subjects:

– The NFL draft is SO ga…FABULOUS!!!
– Celebrities and the herpes that follows them
– Atheists find something they believe in, ratings!
– Is it hot in here or is it just the earth?

All this and a call to arms against trolls. check out this link to find out how to fight the podcast patent trolls who could ruin podcasting as you know it

Episode 12.mp3

Episode 11

Back you are welcomed young padwans!

The episode was recorded 5/4, May the 4th, so you can guess the theme of this weeks show. Make the jump to warp speed and understand the powers of the force with these subjects:

– Goood, let the hate flow Donald Sterling
– Its not the size of the spoon…
– Crowd funding from the Dark Side
– Don’t smell like a wookie

Episode 11.mp3