Episode 3

Welcome students!

On this weeks episode we discuss:
– Stupid white people
– Was Jesus a liberal?
– Should the rich be richer?
– Do people need an electrified condom?

That and more with the Public School Graduates

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Episode 2


Sorry for the delay folks, Ben was sick last week and Larry has the low-down on the rumor going around regarding the illness. We change up the format a bit going from one long discussion about a topic to taking on multiple subjects in a certain amount of time…sort of like a day in school perhaps? Ben is buzzer happy (sorry again) and Larry doesn’t like car seats and spoils the Lego Movie (SPOILERS!!!! 15min in).

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Public School Graduates, Episode 1

Welcome to a brand new podcast called, Public School Graduates. in our inaugural podcast, we discuss the Grammy’s and our personal tastes in music, fashion and all things awards shows.

Take your seats and pay attention because there is a lot to learn from the Public School Graduates

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Episode 1.mp3